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Versa is a private New Zealand lender taking the hassle out of property finance. We are property people, so we see value as you do and we act quickly, because we know when you need to move, you need to move fast.
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We work fast to get you access to the capital you need. As private lenders, we can provide you with 100% funding and all the help you need to deliver a successful outcome. Our strong relationships with the banks mean that side is all sorted for you. You deal directly and only with us. It’s a straightforward process that delivers better results and far fewer headaches. Whether you’re looking to build houses, subdivisions, residential developments, terrace housing, apartments, or industrial buildings – we’re here to help. Share your vision with us and let’s make it happen.

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Looking to buy land, property, an industrial section or portfolio of apartments – but lacking equity or the income to service a loan? Versa has your back. While banks focus on box ticking and number crunching, we see vision and potential. We listen to the story behind your concept, and because we’re property people, we’re able to see the true value of what you’re proposing. We work flexibly with an open mind to get your dreams off the ground.

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In property, timing is everything. When you’ve found a new property but are needing additional funds to secure it, we can provide the stretch you need to take the next step. With our bridging finance, we can very quickly assess the value of your current property and assets and release funds faster than any bank can. So instead of being held back, you’re free to pursue your next opportunity with confidence.

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We can underwrite your pre-sale requirements by agreeing to buy a certain number of properties to get your project moving faster. You get to start construction sooner, avoid accruing interest on undeveloped land and dodge costs snowballing due to funding delays. Plus, with our underwriting agreement in place you’re not forced into selling at cut-rate prices just to get things underway. You can still sell at full market value – so you get to bank the upside.

Our Approach

All of the funding with none of the usual hassles.

See potential. Act fast. At Versa, our approach is focussed on making great outcomes easy. We take a wide view to see whether the full property fundamentals stack up. And when they do, we move swiftly to give you a clear path to success.

Relationships built on action and results. Successful property development depends on growing partnerships. We don’t simply write a cheque and hang back. We work proactively alongside you to ensure you meet terms, stay on track and deliver a successful project at the end of the day. Our transactions range from $3m to over $30m. We are focussed on opportunities in Auckland, Queenstown, Hawke's Bay, Tauranga and Hamilton.

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Our Process

Once you accept our terms, we’ll form a simple, robust plan to get a deal across the line. We’ll then work alongside you, helping you to get going and successfully through your project.

01 Enquiry to Terms

We review your enquiry and provide our terms, covering the loan term, rates and structure.

02 Due Diligence to Offer

We work with you to get the details we need before providing a formal loan offer for approval.

03 Funding Drawdown

We release the funds, enabling fast drawdown so you can get your project moving.

04 Advisory Partnership

We regularly keep in touch, offering our expert advice to support your project’s success.

Our Team

With Versa as your finance partner, you’ll be able to draw on our many years of experience and expertise in the finance and the property market.
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Justin Wyborn


Versa Profile Reed

Andrew Reed


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Dan Bolstad

Senior Manager

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David Clark

Chief Financial Officer

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Finance from 7.95% P.A
Loans from $3,000,000 to $30,000,000
Funding without the hassle
Finance from 7.95% P.A
Loans from $3,000,000 to $30,000,000
Funding without the hassle
Finance from 7.95% P.A
Loans from $3,000,000 to $30,000,000
Funding without the hassle